Some of us will remember Toyah, the stomping 80’s maenad with Day Glo orange hair, whose song ‘It’s a mystery’ used to keep me up at night wondering exactly what was a mystery.

It’s a mystery

These days, quandries like that no longer trouble me.  However, every now and again, I do come across a proper mystery, and then Toyah’s immortal words spring to mind.  The one currently preoccupying me is this: you know those celophane discs that go over the top of home made jars of jam or chutney?  Well, are they there for any purpose?

I use recycled jam jars, with well fitting lids.  As far as the waxed discs go, I get it: they clearly exist to seal down the jam or chutney.  But then I religiously put the dampened celophane disk over the top, secured with the rubber band.  It dries pleasingly taut, and then when it’s cool I put the lid of the jar over the top.  I do this  every year but I have no idea why.

‘Cover the neck of the jam jar.’ But why?

Is there a reason, or is it just part of the mystique of jam making?

And if I stopped doing it, would the Order of the Universe be disturbed?

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