2015-11-01 08.43.03
Harvest of Borlotti Beans Lengua di Fuocco

Egregious: now there’s a word I don’t get to use very often.

I finally harvested my Borlottis a few weeks ago, after stormy winds blew all the leaves off the bean stalks.    I’ve podded them and dried them now, and I’m keeping them to eat when the weather turns colder and darker.

Some might say it would be much easier just to open a tin of borlotti beans and some would probably be right.  But growing them has made me realise their value: the time, the rain, the soil, the sun, the plant itself, and my work have all conspired to make this harvest of beans.

I realise more clearly, that borlotti beans, so readily available in the supermarket, take much time and effort to grow.

We come by our food so easily,  yet  waste it so egregiously.

4 thoughts on “E IS FOR EGREGIOUS

  1. Very true – not just about beans but everything we grow ourselves really. I must admit though that I choose what to grow partly with a view to the eventual reward – so I am happier to spend time picking raspberries , for example, and to use packs or cans of dried beans, even though you make valid points. Does this make sense?


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