Bay (Laurus Nobilis)

Bay (Laurus Nobilis) grows into a magnificent tree if left to its own devices.  However, my garden isn’t big enough, so I have pruned mine to a shapely dome.

Newly pruned Bay Tree

I now have a bunch of bay hanging my shed to dry for the winter.  The dark green aromatic leaves can be used to flavour many dishes, see next post.

Bay and marjoram drying

As I was admiring the simple strength of leaves, it came over me clearly, that this is a plant of protection. As well as being useful and handsome, Bay has magical associations with the sun.  So here is some simple Bay Magick to try.


For wishes

You will need a candle, a large smooth bay leaf, and a pen (Sharpies work well).

  • First, consider your wish.  Express it in your mind clearly, and make it specific.  Then write your wish on the Bay leaf.
  • Next, light your candle.  Look into the flame and take a few moments to ground yourself.  Let go of all worries, and allow your mind to become still. Ask for the blessing of the Radiant One on your magick.
  • When you are ready, pick up the leaf and say the wish aloud.  Then hold the leaf into the candle flame and let it burn right down.  (If the candle goes out because the leaf is green, just light it again; these things happen and it doesn’t affect your wish.)  The smoke is your wish going out into the world.  The Bay is your protection.



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